We believe in your magic
Magic believes in You
Magical Solutions
for those old problems
You deserve the best outcome
it's yours for the taking
De-stress with magic
create the life of your dreams
Fix it fast
Fix it right
Take control of Karma
Put fate in your hands
Made when the moon is right
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Thank You Gypsy Haven for being a Part of the Coventry Family

The Gypsy Haven compositeThe Gypsy Haven

143 W River Rd

Elgin, IL 60123




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About Us


The Gypsy Haven is owned and operated by two Eclectic Witches - Raven and Shay.

We have been practicing since our teens, delving into various styles including, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, Christianity and Witchcraft. In 2010 we started out Raven-Wolf Enterprises as an online store called "Online Wiccan Supplies". After seeing how many of our customers were local, seeking advice as well as their supplies we decided to open our brick and mortar location, The Gypsy Haven - Elgin, IL's ONLY Witch Shop! We now have customers that drive in from all over IL, IN, WI, IA, MI and some that make our store a destination stop when they fly into the states from Australia and England.

We sell predominantly Witchcraft, Wicca, Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo supplies and curios! We also offer classes, trunk shows with local artists, hand-crafted supplies from all over as well as our own line of oils, incense and ritually charged candles.

We first heard about Coventry Creation from a customer and how well the candles they used worked for them. So we decided to learn a little more about Coventry and give their Wicked Witch Mojo line a try. We would ask our customer what their experience was when using the candles and received nothing but positive feedback. After trying the candles ourselves and reviewing the results...we expanded into carrying ALL of the Coventry candle and oil lines. After three plus years and counting, we have yet to be let down by Coventry Creations and the positive feedback still keeps coming in!

Be the decider of your own magical tradition
Dreams Come True Spell - Channel Your Unconscious


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