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Magic believes in You
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You deserve the best outcome
it's yours for the taking
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Put fate in your hands
Made when the moon is right
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We Love Alchemy Arts

Alchemy Arts CompositeAlchemy Arts

1203 W. Bryn Mawr Ave

Chicago, IL 60660



Visit Us On: www.alchemy-arts.com


Follow Us On https://www.facebook.com/Alchemy-Arts-Bookstore-96597544295


https://twitter.com/AlchemyChicago (Warning: Our twitter is full of vile

things that Ken said, This may not be appropriate for all audiences)


Our Story:

Alchemy Arts is the most comprehensive Occult and Metaphysical Book and Supply Store … in the known universe. We have been around since 1989, honing our craft, ever improving and expanding. Alchemy Arts has seen four locations, though we have occupied the current location for over sixteen years. (You can tell by the carpet.) Though we focus on the Western Mysteries, we cater to all faiths. We carry tomes of secret wisdom; icons of arcane worship; instruments of healing and meditation; talismans of ancient power; tools of divination; and the waters, candles, oils, herbs, and stones of the Craft. The authors of the books we sell shop here. People who work for other metaphysical stores shop here. We have seen our statues transform into objects of worship. We have seen tables and cases turn into altars, and our storefront transform into a sacred space. We have watched our customer’s children grow up. We have shared the joy of our customer’s victories, and provided solace and solutions in their times of strife. We are a candle in the darkness, and ever brighter we burn.

Our Philosophy:

Ours is a place of learning, and of practice. We are purveyors of knowledge, by way of the lettered page, or words of wisdom. We cater to those who practice Magicks, Study the Mysteries, and those who wish to learn how. Alchemy Arts is both a store and meeting place; our goal is to illuminate the mysteries for any and all who wish to learn. What makes us truly different from other Metaphysical stores is that we do not sell spells, healings, or workings, and we do not employ readers. We never have, and never will. We are not here to do the work for you, we are here to help you learn to do the work for yourself. We painstakingly craft our blended oils, incense blends, waters and inks by hand, in the store – from the correct magickal ingredients. We do this for ethical reasons, religious reasons, and because we use our products ourselves – and will settle for nothing less than the best.



Alchemy Arts has been proud to offer Coventry Products for years ... many years ... more years than we care to admit, really. As we have expanded over the years, we have been happy to carry more and more of Coventry's Creations - we have had to create unique packaging and display solutions to accommodate them! We painstakingly package each Manifestation Votive by hand. (This practice has, over the years, threatened Amara's sanity.) We at the shop have enjoyed the range of Coventry's products in our own practices, and readily promote them to our customers. (Store favorites include the Motor City Hoodoo Crown of Glory candle, the Manifestation Happiness votive, and - of course - the new Wicked Witch BITCH BE GONE candle.) We have seen customers develop strange addictions to the Manifestation Votive candle in particular: if we run our of Prosperity Votives, some of our customers get the shakes.

The new venture undertaken by Coventry Creations of providing Witches' Union spell cards has been particularly popular with our customers - they (and we at the store) look forward to new spells each month. As a Teaching Store, we have the utmost respect for these spells being offered free of charge. We love those who love learning, who love teaching, and who spread knowledge with joy. So we love Coventry.

Stocked up on your magical supplies?
Full Moon in Cancer January 1, 2018


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