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Get Ready for The New Year!

Dec2023 Feature 400sq

Are you looking for something that can help you take on the New Year? Our Affirmations line has something for everyone. From Healing and Inner Beauty to Love and Success, and everything in between. Start the New Year off on the right foot!

Affirmation Candles $18

Order yours today!


Spread a Little Peace

Life can be a little scary, and with everything happening around the world, we felt like now was the best time to bring back a new version of our World Magic Peace candle. This candle inspires the tranquility and unity our world so desperately needs right now. Peace has to start somewhere. It can start with you! 

Embrace the Power of Peace today


Coventry Creations will donate a portion of each sale to Save the Children

*Save the Children is an international humanitarian organization that has been protecting children around the world for more than 100 years


Naughty or Nice?

We can’t forget about the star of the show this month! If you want to bring a little extra holiday cheer this year, grab a Limited Edition Krampus and Kringle candle.

Limited Edition Krampus Candle- $31.25

Limited Edition Kringle Candle- $31.25

Grab yours today! 


Visit our website to browse our unique products, read our blogs, and more. Make sure to check out our Witches Union page. It celebrates the powerful witch in you.  We’ve got products, contests, and a Spell Caster Club Facebook group.  Be part of something special, our witchy community, because you are special. You can do magic!


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