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Easy Does It: How to keep stress from disrupting your magic

May2024 Magic101

Where does the magic happen? In the universe of course! Without the universe, we could not create. It is like a garden ready to be planted with your ideas and desires and what you plant will grow exponentially. Plus, it’s very important that you are clear and purposeful with your visualizations, words, and tone (the way you say your words).

Much like if you plant tomato seeds, it guarantees you will get tomatoes. It’s the same with your manifesting and magical spells. But, if your intention is mixed with anger, sadness, doubt, and fears, and your tone is filled with sarcasm and deceit you will be getting much more than what you planned for, or you may get nothing at all.  All those mixed messages will come back to you with mixed results.  

The universe also works like a pond, it is influenced by the flick of your intention, your thoughts, your words, and your emotions. Like the ripples on the surface of a disturbed pond's water, they come back the same way they were sent out. You see, you are creating all the time just by living.  Every thought, word, and deed sends out ripples of impressions that will return to you eventually to be expressed in your life. When you do it consciously, meaning, you are aware of what you are doing and do it with purpose for specific results, life will look much closer to what you imagined it could be. This is commonly referred to as magic, spellwork, and manifesting.  It goes on all the time because it’s your inherent quality. When you learn how to do it with love and self-control, beautiful magic happens.  This is why it’s important to know the rules and be very respectful of them.                       

Manifesting Rules:

  1. Wishes really do come true, so be very careful of what you wish for. In the heat of the moment, you may wish harm to another person and you may even say it out loud only to find that later after you’ve calmed down, you didn’t really mean it. Well, the words have already been put into motion my friend and they will make their mark one way or another.
  2. It’s all about the vibration. Your thoughts (visualizations), words, tone, and feelings are all vibrating energy and are the building blocks of creation. What you put out with your thoughts, voice, and emotions vibrate the Universe in a very specific way. Harmony comes back harmoniously. Disharmony comes back jagged and dissonant.   
  3. Every distortion sent out into the universe in the form of a hurtful thought, word, or deed must be balanced. That is the law of karma. It may not be tomorrow, but it will eventually come back to you to make it right with a healing thought, word, or deed. We all have to clean up the messes we make even when we feel justified.
  4. The universe is not your mama. She’s not going to protect you or others from your tantrums, make excuses for your bad behavior, or give you a pass when you’ve blown it. What you put out there, she will give back, if only to teach you a lesson about yourself.
  5. Kindness is king. Start everything with love and you can’t go wrong. You don’t see the big picture and leaving room for God to work on your behalf will lead to beautiful results.

Yet, nobody is perfect and anger and fear can rule the roost. Those are the times you do not want to do your magic. This is why it is so important to manage your stress, heal your wounds, and forgive your foes before you start taking steps to fix your life, attract opportunities, and open the doors to beautiful relationships with magic.  Even when you think you’re ok, do a check-in to make sure you aren’t just powering through some difficult stuff because you’d rather do a spell. It’s not uncommon and perfectly understandable to be in denial about something, but it’s not in your best interest.  Doing the personal work before you do the “Work” is going to ask a lot of you and it is worth it. Just remember that rules are there for your benefit. That will help you make the right decisions and get in good shape before you make your beautiful impression on the universe. 

So, before you craft that prosperity spell from a desperate situation, or do a love spell from a broken heart, get your mental and emotional house in order and allow yourself the privilege of thinking bigger and rising up to a positive life-altering perspective.

Here are some activities and meditations you can do to de-stress and get back into a relaxed and focused state first.

Releasing Mental Stress

We also recommend ensuring the room is peaceful and you won't be distracted. A scented meditation candle can really help calm the mind and help you focus.


Releasing Emotional Stress

  • Journaling. 
  • Writing a venting letter to someone and then burning it.
  • Talking it out with a trusted friend or counselor.
  • Singing beautiful songs.
  • Emoting into a pillow.
  • Breaking glass into a glass recycling dumpster.
  • Guided Meditations for relaxing your emotions. Here is one we like:
  • Balance your chakras with meditation. Here is one we like:

We also recommend ensuring the room is peaceful and you won't be distracted. A scented calming candle can really help stabilize you emotionally.

Releasing Physical Stress

  • Yoga 
  • Walking 
  • Dancing, swordplay, a friendly pick-up game of basketball 
  • Actively being in nature; riding a bike, hiking, running

Getting into the right frame of mind and emotional composure will set you up for success when manifesting your future and crafting that perfect spell. Calm, discipline, and focus are your secret weapons and superpowers. Happy manifesting from your friends at Coventry Creations! As always, we wish you the best the universe has to give.

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