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Astro Magic Candles

Here at Coventry, we have a deep affinity for the moon, planets, and the stars. We believe these heavenly bodies not only influence us; they make life much more magical. Their gentle and sometimes not so gentle vibrations cause us to look within for our answers with courage and curiosity. Our Astro Magic candle line captures the essence of the most influential celestial bodies of our galaxy to create the perfect focus for spell crafting, intention work, and creative visualization meditations.

The Full and New Moon candles were resized and moved over to the Astro Magic line from the Drawing Down the Moon line. Same awesome recipes for all your moon rituals and endeavors. Include these candles at any time of the lunar cycle. They will help you meet your needs as they arise. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. That’s a lot to keep track of. No worries, our Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer candle is now available all year long. Stock up or order last minute, it doesn’t matter, we continually have your back.

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