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A deep purple agate laid in an intricate wooden pendant and sticker.

When you say, "omg, I need a miracle!" it's time for a crown chakra shift - wear this Chakra Magic necklace to get your answers. Answers Chakra Magic Mantra: I open up to the beautiful gifts a connection to the divine brings. With every breath I take, I feel the peace. With every breath I take I know there is wisdom here for me. With every breath I take, I understand my life’s purpose better. With every breath I take, I accept my part in the universe willingly.

This package includes one necklace, one sticker, and a mantra card. Stone size: 1/4" Pendant size: 1" x 1" Cord length : 18" with adjustable chain

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Chakra Magic Crown Wood Jewelry and Sticker

  • $15.00

  • Ex Tax: $15.00

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