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Fresh floral scent to lift your spirits, clear your energy, and lighten your mind.

Florida Water is a traditional conjure tool in spiritual cleansings. It brings balance to disrupted energy. It is considered an attractant to benevolent spirits, thus displacing spirits that bring disruption to your energy. There are many uses of Florida Water from spiritual cleansings to ancestor offerings, making it a must for your magical toolbox.

This Wicked Good blend is based on the traditional formula and updated for our 21st century needs. The 4oz and 2oz travel size can be added to any bathwater, wash water or used directly in cleansings.

For external use only. Not a disinfectant. Shake well before use.

Try our Florida Water in many of your spiritual workings:
· Put a few drops in cool clear water to cleanse your aura.
· Place a few drops in your favorite potpourri to clarify the energy of any room.
· Add a few tablespoons to your mop water to freshen the energy of your space.
· Place a ¼ cup in your bath for a spiritual cleansing and renewal
· Place in a cup of water for an ancestral offering.
· Aspurge on yourself or another in a moment of spiritual crisis to calm the energies
· Use with fresh flowers to clear disruptive spirits from your home or building
· Add to your lotion for a lovely gentle scent
· Pray over it with 23rd Psalm and use in place of holy water
· Cleanse your altar with the water

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Wicked Good Florida Water 4 oz

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