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Coventry Crossroads

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Crossroads Magic


The crossroads are a no man’s land, meaning that they are a place in between; the place of magic and potential.  Wisdom lives at the crossroads, wisdom we may not be ready to see and may even be afraid of. Fear of the trickster at the crossroads looking to trade us for our souls. What the trickster really represents is the exchange of our innocence for responsibility that is required every time we unlock a deeper level of wisdom.

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Skeleton Keys

Unlock your own potential at the crossroads of magic and wisdom. What wonders, treasures, and magic await you when you unlock the door to your true self ? Our resident enchantress, Jacki Smith energized these custom made “Magic Maker” crossroad keys specifically to help you open the door to your magic. Wealth, love, luck and life are the corners of the crossroads and they are waiting for you to unlock their mysteries.


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Crossroads Ritual to bring clarity, power and magic


You are stepping into the world between. A place out of time which encompasses all the dualities; luck and misfortune, love and loss, life and death, light and dark. All magic begins at the crossroads. Wisdom, clarity, and power are plentiful here, but come at a price. The price is your belief, your acceptance of responsibility, and your willingness to travel the road that is laid out for you. The road is of your choice, your intent and your destiny but you must be willing to travel it.



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Start this ritual by gathering up dirt from the four corners of a crossroad (any place where two roads intersect) and place that dirt in the bottom of your candle holder.


dirt gathering


On a large piece of paper, draw a crossroads and place your candle holder and unwrapped candle in the center of it. Place a cup of cold black coffee in one corner, a feather in another, three candies in the next and three pennies in the fourth corner.


writing worries


Say the blessing and light the candle. Invite in the keeper of the crossroads and ask him to sit with you while you talk out your troubles. Talk about where you are now and where you want to go. Write these thoughts out on paper and then list all the issues that are your roadblocks. No matter how small or large, include them. Place this list under the candle holder.




After your candle has burnt down or after nine consecutive days of lighting it andreplacing the coffee (whichever comes first), put the candle remnants, dirt, candies, pennies and hand written list in your crossroads paper. Fold it up and take it to the crossroads, placing it at the center. Thank the keeper of the crossroads and leave without looking back. Watch as your life shifts, the road is opened and magic grows.