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About Coventry Creations

Where Magic Happens is a big claim and a big vision to fulfill.  At Coventry we see magic as the moment when you move past your limitations into the healing that manifests the life you desire.  Magic is our passion and we live that passion in every candle, blessing, and fragrance we create.

Do the candles really work?

They do indeed and we have 25 years of repeat business that proves it!  If that isn’t enough, we have story after story from customers around the world telling us how a Coventry Creations candle has changed their lives.  We know that the change was 90% their own effort—intention and magic—we just provided the energy to help them over their spiritual block.

Wait, how exactly?

It may not make logical sense that an intentional candle can change your life.  Again, you do the work; Coventry’s candles are the catalyst.  It’s the blend of the right oils, herbs, color, words, and that extra mojo that Coventry Creations infuses into every product that we make.  What we create is the vibration that your intention will match, empowering you to unlock the magic that you already hold inside.  You are the ultimate magic maker in your own life.  Coventry products just give you that nudge to get you out of personal short circuiting and begin healing.

Why candles?

Candles are a physical, emotional, and spiritual representation of change and transformation.  The image of the sacred flame has graced spiritual texts and artwork through the ages.  Candles can represent the alchemical process of turning a solid into a liquid, then into a gas; the ultimate transmutation of intent into reality.  Candles are a balanced blend of all four elements.  Candles are really cool, feel magical and set an awesome mood!  Why not candles?

Hand crafted locally, every time

As of 2012, Coventry Creations has made and sold nearly two million candles all over the world, each and every one a hand crafted beauty.  We have employed dozens of local families and have used local businesses as our suppliers since before it was cool to do so.  We are proud of our longevity and success; we are humbled by our responsibility and effect on the world.  At Coventry we see magic as the moment when you move past your limiting challenge into the healing that manifests the life you desire.  Magic is our passion and we live that passion in every candle, message, and fragrance we create.

Coventry Creations was Established in 1992

Back in 1991 when Jacki Smith, Coventry’s founder, was studying herbalism along with her other spiritual pursuits, she started to understand how the energy of the herbs and oils can change your vibration.  If consuming an herb for healing purposes can train your body to respond in a different way to crisis, then bringing the herbs and oils into your energetic space can help train your energy to respond in a new way to your spiritual crisis.  She realized this is what such magical herbalists as Paul Beryl and Scott Cunningham were talking about: magic is about healing your spirit.  After gaining this new understanding, Jacki started making and selling her candle creations in 1992.


The other, lesser-known reason is that fate took her to a small candle making shop in Ferndale, Michigan where the owner sold her the initial supplies for making her first candle and taught her the basics that she wrote down on the back of the receipt.  From there she was hooked!


After making a slew of holiday gifts in December of 1991, our reluctant leader finally sold her first Blessed Herbal candle in June of 1992.  Self sabotage can be a powerful force and it was the use of her own candles that got her to move from fearing social judgment into the courage to share her creations.  Her friends encouraged her, family encouraged her, strangers encouraged her but it took Jacki using her own product, what is now called the Prosperity Blessed Herbal Candle, to help her take those first steps to make a batch of candles for sale.  They were ugly, burned funny, and had a label that was held on with a rubber band.  She sold them all in her first go round.


Things went crazy from there.  Store owners found the products in other stores or were tipped off by their own customers.  Customers passed on the candles to friends in need, and so on, and so on.  It went viral the old school way; pre-Internet and certainly pre-Facebook.  Patty Shaw, Jacki’s sister and business partner, came on board with her calm, introspective support and, together, they were able to take Coventry Creations further and wider than Jacki could have ever dreamt about.