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Made when the moon is right
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At the Coventry Factory

Patty Shaw when the moon is rightPicture this: the staff at Coventry crowded around the karaoke machine, belting out Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.” It all happened at Coventry’s 20th Anniversary party. Of course, in true Coventry form, we changed the lyrics to “We Are Coventry”! Although not every day is a party at Coventry, we do live by our core values and let them drive us and create a joyful working environment. Passion ~ Excellence ~ Tenacity ~ Openness ~ Fun are what drive our decisions, hiring practices, product development and customer care. We know that when we deviate from these values we falter, but when we use them to guide us, we grow stronger. These core values keep us in line with our vision to be the living proof that one can be spiritual, magical and wealthy at the same time.

Coventry’s mission to teach self-empowerment by creating spiritually authentic products that feed the soul, heal the spirit and ignite personal magic can only be met if we live the magic every day. We live the magic we create, we live the magic we teach and we create a team that understands the importance of what we do.

Every year we say this is our best crew ever! This is only possible by all of us striving to be the best people we can be and to be leaders that encourage this empowerment. Our passion comes through our people before it can come through our products. We all are committed to helping people awaken their magic and create their best life and know that is starts with our team.

At Coventry we know how to make magic out of our resources; we may be working in a brick-and-cinder-block square, but we make it dazzle. We start with plain white slabs of wax and turn them into a problem-solving tools that can seemingly create miracles in your life. We hand pour, bless, label and pack each candle with love. We even start the day with a message and affirmation that we breathe into the products we create.

Throughout our facility you will find sacred spaces and altars that help us invite the divine into all of our products. They help us stay on our path, empower us and keep us balanced (as balanced as us crazy kids can get!). From friendly spirits to friendly humans, we have built a Coventry family that you are a part of upon your first sniff of our candles. Welcome to the family!