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Candle Ritual for Increasing Abundance

July2023 NewMoon

A New Moon in the sign of Cancer creates lots of opportunities to start a family, a home renovation project, heal family rifts and improve relationships. I don’t know about you, but when the moon says here’s your opportunity to grow something beautiful, I’m all for it.

Let’s grow!

Candle Ritual for Increasing Abundance

For this ritual, you will need a small to medium-sized garden pot, potting soil, water, and seeds of a plant you want to grow. It can be a favorite flower, vegetable, or fruit, it doesn’t matter. One Astro Magic New Moon candle “let it grow”, a candle holder, and a picture and description of what you want to manifest. 

Remove all packaging from your candle and place it in the candle holder. Say the invocation on the label, 

Dearest, darkest moon, grant me the ability to make things grow in my life. Nurture my soul and body so I am strong enough to nurture others and expand my loving presence in this world.”

Light the candle and prepare your pot for planting. Take your picture and description of what you want to manifest and tear it into small pieces. Place them in the bottom of the pot. You are planting your dream during a New Moon which is the time for new beginnings and rich fertility. Possibilities are more successful at this phase of the moon than any other.

Fill your pot with potting soil, water the soil, and then place the seeds on top and sprinkle a little soil on top of them. Water the soil again. Place the pot on a dish to protect furniture and delicate surfaces. 

You have a lit candle, you’ve said your invocation, and your seeds are sleeping in the soil. Now it’s time to close your eyes and visualize your desire coming to fruition. When that is done, speak aloud about your goal. “My kitchen renovation went very well and I love it. I have more storage, everything works and my new appliances are so easy to use.” 

It’s very important to visualize and verbalize what you want to manifest. It’s also very important you are consistent. Talking about fears or doubts and changing your mind back and forth will weaken your efforts because you will be canceling out your desires. Instead, take time each day to light your candle, say the invocation from the label, and visualize and verbalize the outcome with confidence and joy. Your plant needs light, and water and your dreams need your good vibes. 

We wish you success!


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