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Candle ritual for successful manifesting

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A full moon in Pisces means accelerated psychic and intuitive activity. A perfect time to land that great idea and manifest it. Ideas are just ideas until you put them through a process that includes a few more important steps than letting the light bulb go on in your mind.

Put our manifesting candle ritual to the test. We look forward to hearing about your journey!


Candle Ritual for Successful Manifesting

You will need an Astro Magic Full Moon “Let it Go” candle, an Astro Magic New Moon “Let it Grow” candle, two candle holders, your great idea, paper and pen, and a calendar. 

During the Full Moon on August 30, 2023, prepare to do part one of this manifesting candle ritual. Remove all the packaging from the Full Moon candle and place it in a candle holder. Light the candle and recite the blessing on the label.  

Luna, pregnant with my ideas, dreams, and experiences; I am ready to let go. My magic is freed to manifest, and the wounds and hurts from my past dissolve into nothingness. I release and welcome the cycle of magic.

While the candle is burning, speak out loud all the doubts and resistance to manifesting your great idea. Another thing you can do is write all of it down and burn the paper in the flame of the candle. Once the paper is on fire, put it in a fire-safe bowl to finish burning. Keep the paper small so you don’t end up with a bonfire, or write one idea per small slip of paper no larger than a typical Post-it note. For safety, keep a bowl of water near.  

When your burning ceremony is complete, affirm that you are letting go of your doubts and resistance. Do not think of them again. 

Now write out your big idea. Put lots of thought into it and be descriptive and full of passion. Place the description under or next to your New Moon candle. Do not think of it again until you are ready for part two of this candle ritual.

On September 14, 2023, is the New Moon. This is the day to release your big idea into the universe. Light the New Moon candle and say the blessing.

Dearest, darkest moon, grant me the ability to make things grow in my life. Nurture my soul and body so I am strong enough to nurture others and expand my loving presence in this world.

Now take out the description of your big idea. Read it out loud then close your eyes and visualize what you just said. Make it come to life in your imagination. When you are done, speak out loud; this will all come true in divine order for the highest good for all concerned. This affirmation will set the tone for a positive experience.

This next step is vitally important. Read your description daily until the next Full Moon on October 20, 2023.  Do not, I repeat, do not reject, doubt, question, or bad mouth your great idea. Resist the temptation with all your will. Also, don’t talk about your plans with anyone. This is the time for incubation, not bragging or discussion. You have placed the vibration of your idea into the universe and it is now going to work to send you the power to manifest it. After the New Moon take out your calendar and start mapping out the steps needed to bring this great idea to life. If you will be including people in your venture, now is the time to identify the kind of expertise and temperament you will need and start looking for (or asking them to be attracted into your life) your people.   

It’s still wise to play your cards close to your chest as you are in the infancy of this project. Give yourself time to experiment on your own before others bring their opinions into the mix.

Good Luck and have fun!

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