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New Moon, new you.

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Every month, when the moon is new, the doors for new possibilities and opportunities open. On August 16th the New Moon is aglow with the dynamic energy of Leo the Lion, which means you are in the spotlight. Use this precious time to polish and shine yourself so your own inner light blazes through.

This could mean it’s time to let go of the past hurts that have dulled your sparkle, or time to celebrate your own unique genius. Use this powerful Leo New Moon to acknowledge just how important you are to the divine plan and to take your rightful place in it. This candle ritual will take some planning ahead so don’t delay.

Candle Ritual for Celebrating You

It’s a party and you are the guest of honor. For this celebration, you will need party decorations, your favorite flowers, food, and drink, and your best friends who know how to shower you with love and appreciation. The Coventry products you’ll need are Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate Hoo Doo Healing RX  and Road Opener candles and Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate Hoo Doo Crown of Success room spray.  

Before your BFFs come over, decorate your room and put out the food and refreshments. Make it beautiful. Next, set up your candles by removing the packaging and placing them in candle holders. First, light the Healing RX candle. Ask that the light of the flame release you from past events that have left you feeling abused, misunderstood, neglected, or sad in any way. Really let go of those feelings because they don’t define you. They are reactions to isolated events in your life and probably attached to someone who was in the middle of their own circumstances, thoughts, and reactions. As best as you can, shake it off and let the flame dissolve the misery. Now spend time reconnecting with your true self. This is the part of you that is always on fire, happy, enthusiastic, creative, courageous, intelligent, wise, and always up for a challenge.  

You will use the Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate Hoo Doo Road Opener candle to access this amazing and unstoppable part of you. Many times we get bogged down in circumstances of life and we forget who we really are and what we are capable of doing.  Light your Road Opener candle and let the light of the flame open you up to remembering your connection to God and the glorious universe he created. You are an integral part of it and the unfolding plan of it all. Let the road open to your true self and let it guide you. Invite this part of you to the party and feel it celebrate you and all that you have overcome and accomplished. Now pour yourself a drink and make a toast to the amazing you. 

Thank you for throwing yourself a party and getting back in touch with your own light.  To top it all off, spray Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate Hoo Doo Crown of Success above your head and let the mist fill your gorgeous aura. You can use this spray anytime you need a boost in your self-confidence. You can also mist yourself before an interview, a date, an exam, a business meeting, or signing a contract. Just about any time you put yourself out there and need to chase away doubt or fear. Know that we at Coventry Creations are celebrating right along with you. Now open your front door because your kindred spirits are here to celebrate you! 


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