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Candle Ritual for Fruitful Introspection

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Our friend Scorpio is back and has filled this New Moon with its powerful vibrations of transformation and rebirth. It’s an open invitation to take a journey to explore your inner landscapes and deal with what you find there. When the moon is new, it’s dark because it’s not reflecting any light.

This is exactly when Scorpio does its best work. 

Should you dare to accept this mission, take Luna’s hand and go into this new moon ready to uncover hidden aspects of yourself or situations in your life. Do they need releasing or just some renovations? Scorpio’s gift of intuition will be a blessing as you sort out the details. Here is a candle ritual for you to light the way, give you courage, curiosity, and much-needed emotional balance.

Candle Ritual for Fruitful Introspection 

You will need three candles, Blessed Herbal Heart, Problem Solving, and Emotional Balance, and three candle holders. Votive size candles will also work very well. A small picture of yourself, a pink pen or crayon, and a sheet of white paper.

On the white sheet of paper, glue the picture of you in the center. Draw a pink heart around it. Write out in a word cloud, all the positive adjectives you can think of to describe you. This image will be your touchstone and reminder of just how special you are during this expedition.

Arrange the candles in a triangle around the picture.

Light the Blessed Herbal Heart candle In this ritual, this candle means that you have a lot of courage and determination, especially in the face of adversity. It implies that you are brave, persistent, and willing to put your all into something you believe in. 

Then light the Blessed Herbal Problem Solving candle. The energy of this candle says you are fearlessly curious and willing to leave no stone unturned on this journey.

Finally, light the Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance candle. This candle will remind you that you can return to emotional balance after you have seen what you’ve come to see, and learned from it what you’ve come to learn. 

While the candles are burning go into meditation and imagine you are traveling down a path into the woods or any other darkened place you feel safe going. When you get there, look around for things that are worn, broken, outdated, or unwanted. To help you feel safe, ask that they be toys or old books. Take time now to sort through everything.  You will make three piles. One is for things that will be recycled, another will be for the things that can be repaired, and the third pile will be for things that will be given away.  Place the items to be recycled in a bin that will be picked up. Give the items that will be donated to an angel or spirit guide. They will take them to their new location. The things that will be repaired, remain with you. Stay in meditation and repair them all. If the pile is too big, come back in another meditation to finish your work. If you find something in the repair pile that should have been recycled or donated, move them to that pile.  

When you are complete, give yourself a big hug for a job well done and come out of the meditation. Blow out your candles, look at the picture of yourself, and remember and feel how courageous, curious, and emotionally balanced you are. Thank you for going on this journey. We applaud your grit.

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