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Full Moon in Scorpio April 23, 2024

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With the moon coming into its fullness in the sign of Scorpio on April 23, 2024, we will feel its sting go straight to our self-image. Don’t judge Scorpio, she is a healer and she didn’t put those dark thoughts in our heads, she’s just reminding us that they are still there.

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Full Moon in Libra March 25, 2024

March2024 FullMoon 400px

This month, the Full Moon is in the sign of Libra on March 25, 2024. Since there is also a lunar eclipse, Storm cautions us against doing any aggressive magic. Instead, he recommends we focus on protection spells. Libra is one of the signs that governs legal matters which makes this an auspicious time for resolving legal hassles.

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Full moon in Sagittarius on June 9, 2017

Full Moon JuneTransition is the process in which something changes from one state to another. Our state of being is transitory. Rarely are we completely stagnant. Something about us is always in process. It could be as deep as a change of mind or as superficial as a change of clothes.

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