• Coventry Magic Oracle

Coventry Magic Oracle - 83 cards, one for each Coventry Candle and instruction booklet “We Have a Candle for That is our guarantee and we prove that with our Coventry Magic Oracle. When you draw three oracle cards you will get a new perspective and Coventry Candle spell to conquer any challenge or issue. Each card has 5 unique messages on prosperity, love, healing, protection and clearing with each message as a way to fine tune the intent for your candle. When you combine the messages of three cards and you now have a new strategy of magic. We have found that all challenges come down to; prosperity – your money or your property, love – any relationship or interaction you have with another, healing – anything that brings dis-ease to your life, protection – what scares, sabotages or interferes with your life, or clearing – anything that is blocking you from your goal.

Coventry Magic Oracle

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