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Full Moon in Scorpio April 23, 2024

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With the moon coming into its fullness in the sign of Scorpio on April 23, 2024, we will feel its sting go straight to our self-image. Don’t judge Scorpio, she is a healer and she didn’t put those dark thoughts in our heads, she’s just reminding us that they are still there.

It’s our choice to deny them or do something positive with them. Our candle ritual for this full moon is all about changing the old destructive narratives plaguing our minds so we can grow. 

Candle Ritual for Changing Old Destructive Self Narratives


For this ritual, you will need a Needed Changes Blessed Herbal candle, The Sun Curse Breaker Astro Magic candle, Sweet Grass World candle, three candle holders, paper and pen, a small mirror, a lighter, and a fire-resistant bowl for burning paper, a bowl or glass of water.


Set Up Your Space

Begin this ritual by setting up your sacred space and asking for spiritual protection. Call upon Angels of Love or a spirit guide you are familiar with and work with often. Tell your spirit guide you will be bringing up some serious negative self-talk and would like help releasing this narrative from your mind and your emotions. 


Light the Needed Changes candle, say the blessing, and affirm that you will release negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself in this ritual. Take a deep breath and ask to be filled with love and compassion for yourself.


Take a Look at Yourself

Get out your mirror, paper, and pen. Look at your face. What is your first impression of this face? What is the first thought that comes to mind and what emotions are bubbling up inside? Write all this down. Write small as you will be burning this paper when you are done. You don’t need to make a bonfire.


Next, reflect on what others have said about you. Write down the negative comments.


Then reflect on all the ways you’ve judged yourself for failing, not going for an opportunity, for being afraid or not worthy of success, or rewarded for your efforts. Write it down.

Reflect on all the ways you have competed with others and sold yourself short, even if it was only in your mind. Write these down too.


Lastly, write down other self-destructive narratives you’ve become aware of during this ritual. You may be surprised at what comes to mind. Don’t disregard it, write it down. It’s important to get it all out. 


Take a few moments to let your feelings bubble up. Imagine they are pouring out of you and all over the paper and sticking to your words when you feel complete. Ask to be filled with love and compassion again. Take your time and make sure you really feel the love filling you up. Imagine your guide bringing in pink light and putting it all around you like a fluffy blanket—a hug from your spirit guides.


Head outside!

You can do this part outside because you will be burning paper. Light the Sun Curse Breaker Astro Magic candle. Ask to be released from all the negative self-talk and all the heavy and sad feelings that come with it. Now tear your paper in narrow strips and light them on fire one by one and place them in the bowl. Make sure all the paper burns completely.


As the paper burns, say aloud something about letting go of the past and making room for expressing your true self. Sit with this release for a few minutes. Enjoy the space it’s provided in your own head and heart. Smile as the stress leaves your body.


Time to Celebrate

Now light the Sweet Grass World candle. It’s time to celebrate you! On another piece of paper write down all that you have accomplished, what adversities you have overcome, and what has gone right in your life. If you are finding it difficult to come up with “wins”, start small. For example, I got out of bed today, my kids made me smile this morning, and work didn’t suck today. From there, go for the big stuff; I stood my ground on an important issue and got agreement. I submitted my manuscript today. I got an acceptance letter from the college I applied to. 


When the list is complete, fold it and place it under the candleholder. Get out your mirror and look at yourself again. Did you react the same way or have you changed? 


You are now done with this candle ritual. You can repeat it anytime you wish. Thank your guides and send them your love. Clean up the mess and bring your Sun candle in. Light your candles daily until they are gone. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


On days you’re feeling down, retrieve the list and read it. It’s good to remind yourself just how important you are to the big plan and your creative and positive contributions are needed.

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