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April Showers Bring Magic Flowers


It's the rainy season again! Spring is the time of renewal, aided mostly by the heavy rainfalls we receive in the upper hemisphere. Rainwater is used in magic in many parts of the world. We will examine many of these in detail. If you know any we’ve missed, please leave a comment!

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Spring Cleaning

March2023 Magic101

Spring is just a few weeks away, even if the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet. It’s time to clear out all of the winter blues and get ready for the breath of fresh air that Spring brings. While you may be thinking about cleaning out your garage or fixing up your landscaping, we’re thinking of something a little more magical.

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It's Time For Some Growth!

April2023 Magic101

It’s finally Spring. The flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is green and trees are growing their leaves. Different kinds of growth are happening everywhere, why don’t you add your personal growth to the list?! If you aren’t sure how to, we’ll walk you through it.

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