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Stock up on Halloween treats!

Oct2023 Feature Retail 400

We are quickly approaching the day we wait all year for – Halloween! While candy is the most known treat during this time, we think our treats this year might be a little sweater. We have not one, but TWO Limited Edition Halloween candles.

Pick from 8 different candles from our Wicked Witch Mojo and Witch’s Brew lines!

Witch’s Brew Halloween Candles $18.25

Witch’s Brew Spell Caster

Witch’s Brew Love Spell

Witch’s Brew Eye of Newt

Witch’s Brew Amber Moon


Wicked Witch Mojo Halloween Candles $18.25 each

Wicked Witch Mojo Halloween Haint Happenin’ 

Wicked Witch Mojo Halloween As the Cauldron Bubbles

Wicked Witch Mojo Halloween Spirited Discourse 

Wicked Witch Mojo Halloween The Conjurer 


Order your Limited Edition Halloween Candles Today!


Curse Breakers

If you haven’t heard by now, Jacki Smith has teamed up with Storm Cestavani for a new podcast, Curse Breakers! Tune in and join them as they explore the negative patterns and limiting beliefs that affect our world. From celebrities to politics and everything in between, get a unique perspective on why things happen the way they do, what it all might mean, and how to avoid the obstacles that prevent us from living our best lives! 


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Google Podcast



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